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Potty Training With Animals

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Transform your Toddler From a DIAPER LOVER into a POTTY TRAINED NINJA
Fun, humorous app that saves parents from overwhelm by making Potty Training a Cinch!
The insider´s secret to Potty Training your toddler!

**NEW NEW- KEY--EXTRA** Press top-left button inside the app and JOIN the 30 day Potty training challenge. It is a Secret Group in FB, where everyone is potty training. Me (cami the author) guides you step by step in the potty process...I guarantees 100% results with CERO stress, and CERO mess!! (believe me)

***100% GUARANTEED RESULTS (joining our 30-day challenge)
***Gold Award: Mom´s Choice - best in family-friendly media
*** Finalist Mobile Premier Awards 2015 Barcelona MPA2015
*** Winner: AppCircus Bog Best App",
*** Winner: Best App-Columbiatic


" Wed been trying to get our daughter interested in using the potty, and shes had NO interest and would actually cry when wed put her on the potty. Im not suggesting that this app taught her, but we had the iPad in her lap with this app, & it held her attention with her 1st time successfully using the potty...a huge day. Glad we opted for this :) " - Secret Society

"My children are now asking me to use the potty by themselves! This app saved my life! Awesome graphics also! I’m loving how easy it was to teach them with the help of this nice app!" - Gritolmortal


--Learn the "logistics" of potty training (i.e. Where does the "poop and pee go?")
--Eliminate or reduce potty accidents
--Connect feelings such as "butterflies in the tummy" to action steps
--Treat this app as your potty training manual, something you can repeatedly go back to for engaging, practical advice on how to potty train your toddler in way that makes the process fun, effortless, and exciting!


Do you constantly feel like youre sabotaging your childs potty training? Like youre trying to control a process that should happen naturally?

Sad story: Youre not alone.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more children suffer abuse during this period, than at any other developmental phase. Parents have high expectations for their children, and when things dont go quite smoothly – an alarming fear sneaks its way into the potty training process.

Ive seen it all: from high fives to stickers, parents faithfully execute on any strategy that may work, only to become tragically disappointed when theyre forced to continue stockpiling on Huggies diapers.

As a young mother, I experienced the same problem. And paid the same consequences over and over again, until I realized that my kids were quite simply bored.

After discovering that kids learn best through stories, I created Potty Training: Learning With the Animals - a bright, animated story app, that ultimately helped me captivate my childs interest in potty training by tapping into his love for animals.

As Dr. Dr. Seuses says, "These things are fun and fun is good!"

Through an engaging interface, fully equipped with delightful graphics, catchy sing-a-longs, and step-by-step training guides, Potty Training: Learning With the Animals helps parents finally experience this same, indescribable satisfaction of raising an extremely independent toddler who practically cruises through the potty training process!


- 30 day POtty training challenge: Daily activities send by the author of this app that guarantees you results!! (100% RESULTS GUARANTEED)
-Animated Story: A cute, clever story following toddlers, Iza and (name of boy?), who will become motivational guides for your children as they face the very real obstacle - how do we let go of our diapers?
-Interactive Game: Kids love to lead! This interactive app taps into your childrens love for animals by giving them the responsibility of potty training their furry friends.
- Potty training Song
-Printable Coloring Book