Potty Training With Animals App Reviews

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The app does not have any sound in my ipad, only in my iphone. Do you know why?

Mr geeeezyfur

This app is totally a waste of money!!! Dogshit

Black screen when I open app

My daughter likes it but I keep getting a black screen, so she cant see it

kid did it!

Kid goes potty just to hear this

love it

This book shows (so you can decide if it matches your needs): - Gender selection (both boy and girl available) - Child using a toddler potty and also adults toilet. - A horse, dog, chicken, tiger, polar bear, turtle and cat going to the toilet!! - animals celebrating after going to the potty

I am a pediatrician,

I am a pediatrician, and i know why this story works so well. This is magical for kids…my boy was really interested..he loved it… we sow it more than 20 times, and it magically made him tell me to go to the potty


This app a big joke the makers are thieves they keep charging us for the app and the maker tried to steal my credit card info

After several frustrating setbacks this app solved the problem!!!

After several frustrating setbacks this app solved the problem!! After a false-start and several frustrating setbacks it became clear to my wife and I that we needed back-up to help potty-train our 2.5yr old little boy. We never wanted to make potty time something intimidating but we both felt that wed reached the end of our ability to keep the stress factor low.

Great app

My daughter loves this app. These images often make her funny and curious eye-catching than the use of the application. However the application has cute interface, fit young age. Simple operation, can manipulate their parents to their children perform the relatively simple steps.

Nice app

this is a very nice application and rewarding, its very good for children

Cute app

This app is really cute and my nephew enjoyed using this when he was learning to use to potty. As we all know potty training can be quite the nightmare and it can be really tough to convince children to try it. This app uses cute videos and farm animals to make it warm and welcoming in the bathroom. It eases some of the stress for both the parent and the child. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone struggling with the joys of the potty world.

Love it

Really helped my 3 year old get excited about using the toilet. Had been an uphill battle to get her to want to use the potty, after playing the game for 30mins she wanted to do it just like the bear and later that day started asking to use the potty as well. Thank you so much for this educational app!


After reading all of the positive reviews, I was excited to try this app with my two-year-old. She lost interest after about 5 minutes. The "games" are not engaging--it is just pointing to a potty for an animal or person to sit on. Nothing else happens. She did not enjoy the song/video, which I also thought was not engaging. This was a disappointing waste of money.

App blacked out but had sound

After 3 minutes of using the app, the screen blacked out but kept the sound. I deleted the app and downloaded again. Blacked out again. I just spent $3 for an app that doesnt work. Very disappointed.

Not impressed, but they did refund my money

I wrote an earlier review for this app sharing my disappointment with it. The developer did live up to their promise for a 100% money back guarantee though. They refunded my money and for that I am appreciative. They were responsive and polite and its nice to see them honor their word.

Potty training

We all know potty training is an important step of kids and it requires patience and efforts and time for parents to do this well. Thankfully I got this app to help my kid learn the importance of and correct steps towards potty training. Totally satisfied.


The app blacks out after the video, but still has sound. Any fix to this? Revised- I restarted my phone and it appears to be working now

Wasted money

I regret taking the reviews word for this app, after looking back through them I keep seeing reviews repeating unique phrases but with different usernames, (meaning they are faked) which is all to clear AFTER paying 3$ for this terribly simplistic app. Click animal, click potty, rinse and repeat. There is also a 3 minute song and video that may or may not work half the time. App blacks out at some point during play every single time.

Excellent potty training app

The cute cartoon horse and other cartoon animals are very effective at teaching a toddler potty training.

Poor Quality:(

Pretty tough to use an app when you can only hear it ! The screen goes black. I deleted and re-installed and it was STILL black :( Pretty disappointed.

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